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04/19/12 Mango's Houston, TX, 8:30pm,
All Ages
w/ Hell City Kings & Blind Pets

Happy 2012 everybody!!! & live like there's no next year!!! Common Spy was formed in 2009 with the intention of only doing one show. The band had a ton of fun and went on to do two shows in 2010 & a whopping five shows in 2011. Common Spy's continuing mission is to play more shows in the hopes of getting to see their favorite bands for free. Common Spy is a distorted pop-rock band with upbeat tempos and memorable choruses. The trio is Chicken, Kristen, and Jackass. Chicken, the lead singer and guitarist, has played in many Houston bands since 1991 including Dripstone, B.F.Kad, Othello, and others. He also started in 2004 that allowed him to record and post over 60 songs. Kristen, the drummer, has played with The Ramps and Her Majesty's Sweatbox. Along with Common Spy, she is currently in the band No Love Less as singer, bass player, guitarist, and sometimes drummer. Jackass, the bass player, has played with The Xenos, and Primer Grey, and has more talent than Chicken. Together, Common Spy combines irreverent songs with less than rock-star attitudes to entertain the masses and promote spontaneous synchronized dancing.
BIO (abridged)
Common Spy
distorted pop-rock
Chicken, Kristen, Jackass
irreverent songs


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I've Seen Texas (Live)
You Be Illin' (Live)*
Another Last Kiss (Live)
Love Connection (Live)
Prince Girls (Live)
Quiet & Shy (Live)
Your President (Live)
In A Love Song (Live)
Dance (A New F.M. Song) (Live)
ScreamWorld (Live)
I Don't Need You (Live)
No Pants Dance (Live)


DATE Venue Info
08/20/2009 Fitzgeralds w/ Texas Steamers & Tighty Whitey Fly
05/29/2010 PJ's Sports Bar w/ Sweeve & Johnny Hootrock
08/20/2010 Fitzgeralds w/ Luke Lukas, Aimless Gun, The Nay Says, The Ramps, Manic Mongrel, & Foster
05/25/2011 Mango's w/ Vigilante & Fun Boys
06/22/2011 Super Happy Funland w/ _________
07/29/11 Bohemeo's w/ Fine Print
09/10/11 Bohemeo's w/
12/17/11 Bohemeo's w/ Adrian Zavala Band
02/16/12 Super Happy Funland w/ Dear Rabbit & S.U.I.D. Comedy
03/07/12 The Mink w/ Thomas Wynn And The Believers & Only Beast


No Love Less

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